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Works of mercy for people behind bars up for cash from Hong Kong charity drive | SCMP

Wotherspoon and his charity Voice for Prisoners have helped hundreds of prisoners over the years in a variety of ways, including funding their education - and now the group is one of the nominated organisations for this year’s Operation Santa Claus.

Voice for Prisoners is one of the 15 good causes being funded this year.

“Now, thanks to OSC, we can do more to help more prisoners, local and overseas,” Wotherspoon said. “It will be a tremendous help to us.”

“The courses help them improve themselves so that they can get a better job when they get out … If they have some education, this will enable them to have skills to offer to any future employer or the ability to start up their own business,” he said. “It is important to society that they become good citizens and do not reoffend.”


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