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International anti-drug trafficking campaign

No Más Mulas / No More Mules – our campaign warning vulnerable people at risk of becoming drug mules

No Más Mulas – our Spanish-language campaign in Latin America


Hong Kong has extremely long and punitive prison sentences for drug trafficking. Our campaign warns vulnerable people at risk of becoming drug mules by sharing prisoners’ stories online and campaigning at the source. We help to spread the message and increase awareness within the communities most targeted by drug traffickers in Latin America.

No More Mules is our campaign for the rest of the world, in particular Africa.

The same as No Más Mulas, our campaign’s mission is to raise awareness of the risks of trafficking drugs to Hong Kong with its extremely long and punitive prison sentences.

We also share prisoners’ stories and campaigning at the source, we help to spread the message and inspire change within the communities most targeted by drug traffickers in Africa and Asia. 


How it started

The campaign emerged in 2013 when Father John Wotherspoon, an Australian Prison Chaplain, started to notice the alarming number of foreigners coming to Hong Kong recruited as drug mules. 

Father John has traveled extensively in Africa, Latin America, and more recently Malaysia, to meet the families of prisoners and members of the press, TV and radio. 

By participating in our campaign, defendants may be considered eligible for small reductions to their sentences. Since the launch of our anti-drug trafficking campaign, the number of drug mules entering Hong Kong from Africa and South America has reduced significantly.

Prison Visitation On Air

A lifeline for the non-Chinese speaking prison population

Hong Kong prisoners are allowed only one ten-minute phone call every month. The weekly hour-and-a-half segment Prison Visitation on Air bypasses that strict regulation. The radio programme has become a critical lifeline for prisoners, especially foreigners, who have no local family support. Prisoners and their families can phone in requests to read letters, play special songs and exchange messages in many languages. 

Voice for Prisoners provides partial funding to keep this radio programme – the only English-language radio show catering to non-Chinese inmates – on air. It is hosted by Bruce Aitken and airs every Sunday night on AM 1044 Metro Plus from 8:30pm to 10pm.

“He who opens a school door, closes a prison.”– Victor Hugo

We believe that education is the key to success after a prisoner is released. We provide financial aid for educational courses and procurement of educational materials in various languages.

Prisoners who wish to further their education can approach our prison chaplains or write to us at:

Voice for Prisoners Ltd.

GPO Box 9148, Central Post Office

Hong Kong

Education as Reformation Fund
Other support
panel of layers
consular liaison
Panel of lawyers

For limited types of cases, we have a panel of legal experts who can assist prisoners to commence judicial review proceedings.

Consular liaison

We work with foreign consulates whose nationals are in prison with regard to various requests. Some prisoners due to age and/or ill health can be transferred to their home jurisdiction to serve the remainder of their sentence. The procedures are usually cumbersome. We aim to assist the smooth transfer of suitable prisoners to their home jurisdiction.


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