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Police arrest 1,800 people in cross-border triad crackdown | The Standard

  • More than 1,800 people were rounded up by Hong Kong police during an annual anti-triad joint operation with their Macau and Guangdong counterparts.

  • The annual crackdown targeting triad activities and organized crime, code-named “Thunderbolt 2022”, was carried out on May 20, with the operation still ongoing.

  • In Hong Kong, 1,837 people aged between 11 and 90 were arrested after officers raided 2,548 venues, including illegal gambling centers, bars, party rooms as well as vice dens.

  • Among the arrestees are 1,221 men and 616 women, with 73 of them being Mainlanders and 119 being non-ethnic Chinese.

They were being held for a variety of offenses including drug trafficking, blackmailing, bookmaking, and money laundering, according to the force.

During the operation, Hong Kong police seized over HK$100 million in cash, narcotics, and contraband goods.

The force encouraged the public to actively provide intelligence regarding triad societies and organized crime syndicates, which will help the police to strengthen their effectiveness in combating illegal activities. 

Source: The Standard


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