Ukraine file

May 5, 2017:

Ukrainian woman in prison in Hong Kong for drug trafficking.


Her original letter in Russian is here:

April 28, 2017:

This is Magdy, an Egyptian man living in Ukraine, responsible for the Ukrainian woman (above) in prison on a drug trafficking charge. Photos from his VK page (Russian social media)

The inmate says Magdy's wife recruited her. His wife told her Magdy was good friends for many years with a Nigerian, Mike, who lives in Nigeria. Mike's brother "Diego"/"Frank" lives in Cambodia. The inmate met "Frank" in Cambodia in January 2017. A friend of "Frank" gave a parcel and airline tickets to the inmate in Phnom Penh. The inmate was told the parcel contained diamonds. Flight to Hong Kong left from Siem Reap, Cambodia's busiest airport.

Australian love-scam victim appeal rejected by Cambodian court as conman lashes out

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