December 9:

Russian man in prison in Hong Kong for drug trafficking:



My name is Dragunov Evgeny. I have asked a friend to post the attached for you to read my story. I arrived at Hong Kong International Airport carrying 2.16 kg of cocaine, for which i was convicted. Because I pleaded guilty, the judge reduced my sentence from 26 years by one third to 17 years, 4 months. It is still so long. I want to tell everyone reading this - DO NOT TAKE DRUGS TO HONG KONG. The customs and police will definitely catch you. You will get a long prison sentence like me. While the conditions in prison are OK, it is very difficult being a Russian here. There are very few of us. The food in prison is not like ours. We can only make one phone call per month. Many of the officers only speak Chinese. Most of all, we are deprived of all our families and friends for a long time. So DO NOT TAKE THE RISK, IT IS NOT WORTH IT. 

This inmate has also had a message pasted on a Russian Facebook site:

July 9:

Letter of a Russian man in prison in Hong Kong for drug trafficking


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